Training Details

Echelon offers clients and their horses a full training program specialized to meet the needs of each individual horse and rider combination.  Years of experience have shown that a full training program is the ultimate path to creating successful riders and horses.  Lessons and training are scheduled Tuesday through Saturday.  The barn is closed on Monday.

Full training includes the following benefits:

  • 5 sessions per week on the clients horse (ridden either by the client during a lesson or the trainer)
  • All mane pulling and trimming of ears, muzzles and fetlocks
  • All scheduling and handling for veterinarian, farrier and other professional services
  • Maintenance of all records including vaccinations, worming, health papers, Coggins tests, etc.
  • Daily turn-out with appropriate protective gear (weather permitting)
  • Completion of entry blanks and entering horse shows

All horses on the USEF rated show circuit must be in a full training program.

Lease or 1/2 lease options are available.  Call or email for more information.

*All information listed is approximate and subject to change at any time.  Training and care are determined by each individuals needs.  All supplements are to be provided by the owner.

Showing Fees

Charges are incurred from departure to return to the barn.

Showing and schooling days fees: Begin the day horse arrives at the show

Market Rate

Charge varies depending on groom and number of horses being groomed. Grooms travel expenses may be charged for some shows.
Note: Owners may choose to groom their own horses at the show

Market Rate


  • Per owner/client charges divided among number of owners to include: accommodations, food allowance and travel costs for staff. Set up and tear down of tack room & grooming stalls, golf cart rental etc.
  • Per horse charges divided among number of horses at the show to include: supplies and feed purchased.
  • Medications billed on an individual basis.

Anytime Eche’lon Training advances funds for clients for entries, supplies, medications farrier, vet etc. $10.00