2009 Warmblood Gelding

Special thanks to Tim Phillips!

LEASED Salsa Cat
2010 Thoroughbred Mare

Congratulations Kristin Meira!

SOLD Berthiaume Kurt Praline
2004 Canadian Mare

Special thanks to Paige Wagter!

SOLD Constantin
2010 Holsteiner Gelding

Congratulations Chandra Scott!


SOLD Gold Standard
2012 Appendix Gelding

Special thanks to Sara Peterson!

SOLD Valentino
2009 Thoroughbred Gelding

Congratulations Tracey Whelan!

SOLD Charlie Chaplin
2008 Holsteiner Gelding

Congratulations Laurie Hinson!


SOLD Topper
2012 Thoroughbred Gelding

Congratulations Shelly Kerron!

SOLD Willow
2010 American WB X Mare

Congratulations Paula Southern Savage!

SOLD High Priest
2002 American WB Gelding

Congratulations Ronna McHugh Lemasters!